Photographing the Female conducted their first photography workshop in the spring of 2017 in collaboration with Dharavi Art Room as part of the first Photographing the Female exhibition at FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai, India. The workshop engaged teen girls living in the Dharavi slum, Mumbai in a week long workshop surrounding the theme of girlhood.

Our goal is to make the workshop program with marginalised female communities an integral part of Photographing the Female around the world to truly harness the constructive and democratic power of photography. To ensure a safe and professional process the workshops will be done in association with local organisations deeply involved with the communities.

By handing cameras to marginalised female communities and groups we simultaneously hand them a voice which they might not otherwise feel they have and that isn’t conveyed through the eyes of someone else. The camera opens op a space of investigation and self-expression and allows for a journey of self-discovery and feeling of empowerment. The visual element is complimented with sessions where we track the process, engage in dialogue with the participants and discuss issues regarding their lives.