Photographing the Female’s first exhibition acted as an independent partner exhibition during the third edition of FOCUS Photography Festival in Mumbai, India 9-23 March 2017

FOCUS encourages a democratic approach to art and takes place in public spaces all over the city introducing the city’s diverse population to incredible photography from all over the world. For more info visit

““The exhibition brings together the work of empowering voices from all around the world whose photographic practices all explore a contemporary female experience via historically central themes like the body, sense of self, conformity and stigmatisation. The photographers speak to us from a myriad of vantage points uncovering social and personal realities that challenge perceptions of what it means to be female and forces the viewer to consider the consequences of society’s prescribed roles. Despite radical differences in style and approach an inescapable universality permeates the exhibition reminding us that the female is intrinsically connected to all of us and our very existence.”
– Sarah Høilund, Founder and curator of Photographing the Female