Wedding video

Two basic options for creating a video.

About them – our conversation today.

Option 1, more accessible to most newlyweds, more acceptable, familiar and actively used in our country. The videographer shoots a wedding, adds some visual effects, superimposes music, captions, animation, and you get a ready-made wedding movie.

Pros: everything happens naturally, and the film is a memorable piece of your beautiful wedding day.

Cons: sometimes there are curiosities that may not be added to the film, but then it will not reflect all the moments of your wedding.

Option 2, which in our country is used very rarely, but abroad is sometimes welcome. The cameraman shoots staged video before the wedding, and the day of the wedding newlyweds are ready to hand out photos and video clips to their relatives and guests.

Pros: the video will turn out without unpleasant “surprises.

Cons: Not quite familiar and natural shooting, not suitable for those newlyweds who want to capture the wedding day in all its details.

Wedding in April

Spring is the most beautiful, romantic, fabulous time of the year. All living things wake up, rejoice in the sun, a warm breeze. The time of renewal, beginnings. Perhaps that is why there are so many weddings in the spring.

Each month of spring is beautiful in its own way: the first glimmers of sunshine in March, tender and warm sunsets in April and blossoming gardens in May. The richness and variety of springtime will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially romantic newlyweds. Choosing a spring month for a wedding, we want to dwell in more detail on the middle of a beautiful time – the month of April.

The advantages of a wedding in April.

1. one of the first advantages of a wedding this month is a long and careful planning. According to all the beliefs, the time for weddings begins with the Red Hill. This is the first Sunday after Lent and Easter, when the church resumes the wedding of the young couple. The future couple has a lot of time to plan everything in detail. Everyone who married on Red Mountain was promised a happy and prosperous life in the marriage. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that there are many people wishing to get married during this period, so it is necessary to apply in advance to the registry office and arrange for the wedding in the church.

2. An invariable plus is the wonderful nature of the spring season. Snow and snowstorms, rain and slush are behind us. April is usually a warm and dry month. Nature presents its unique scenery – the trees are in bloom, the bottomless sky surprises with its depth, the sun-drenched streets and the romance of sunset hours – the dream of any couple. But don’t forget that April is a fickle month and you should keep your umbrellas ready just in case! And at the same time April rain will not darken your wedding, but on the contrary, will add zest to it: video-shooting in the rain will not only add variety, but also give joyful emotions and good mood.

3. Quite a long daylight hours will give the newlyweds time to realize all their ideas. The finale of the wedding day can be a unique sunset photo shoot, which will remain in memory for many years.

4. Another positive feature a wedding in April has is the opportunity to save money:

– At the beginning of the wedding season, prices for all wedding services are not yet as high as they are in the height of the season.

– Nature gives its delightful scenery, so there will be no need to rent a studio for photography and videography.

– The wedding trip will cost much cheaper, in the off-season there are promotions and discounts.

5. Spring is a great idea for a themed wedding. It can be a Red Mountain theme with folk rituals, a wedding in the style of a blooming garden or Japanese sakura, a wedding in soft pink colors, or, on the contrary, bright green (everything is allowed for spring!). If the wedding is scheduled for April 1 with colorful candy and cotton candy, with photo booths in the form of mustaches and sponges and fun contests – a great mood will be guaranteed! A wedding in Provence style with its purple tones and lavender flowers, and bright sunny themes, and floral celebration (with tulips, crocuses, lily of the valley…) will also be successful. In any case, it is important that the theme was traced in everything to the smallest details. Then an April wedding will be simply unforgettable.

A wedding at any time of year is a celebration pleasant and memorable for the newlyweds and guests. But a spring wedding is always remembered with special fondness, because love, like spring, is blooming, uplifting and sublime.

Wedding event secrets

A wedding is the most memorable day in the life of every couple in love. Newlyweds wait for this day with impatience, prepare for it, worry and do not believe that it is about to come. A day that will be full of impressions and surprises, spent in a circle with their nearest and dearest. Well, funny and beautiful photos and videos will remind every moment of a magical moment called “Wedding.

The Secrets of the Wedding Event

But not always the holiday leaves behind a pleasant and cheerful experience. What is the reason for disappointment and how not to get into its net?

To put it bluntly, the wedding is a theatrical performance, the script to which has already been prepared in advance. Well, and the honor to be the main characters, fell to the bride and groom. That is why the newlyweds spend a lot of time on their appearance, behavior and various organizational moments. Paying great attention to the little things, the couple forgets that this is their day and it must be lived with all their soul. A day that will remain in their memory and heart forever. And it should be remembered by them as the happiest day of their lives.

Each couple vows to be there for each other in joy and in sorrow. However, the question arises: will their promise and the impression they are trying to make on their guests reflect their happiness? And which moment to give more meaning and make it key on such a momentous day?

No one disputes that the organization itself plays an important role. Newlyweds feel responsible for making sure everything goes at the highest level. Even if the organization itself was not engaged in them. All the excitement turns into stress, regardless of the fact that everything goes as planned. The desire to keep every moment under control psychologically affects the heroes of the holiday. And it’s not right. And after all, you can enjoy what’s going on, getting good emotions and pleasant impressions.

Friends, they will help and support, come to the rescue at any time and do everything for you. So why not take advantage of this and ask them to be responsible for the celebration? By assigning everyone a small section of the event, you can fully trust them and no longer spend any time or effort on the organization. The key to success is to clearly state what you need and what has been planned regarding each moment of the exciting day. Or completely entrust your wedding to your friends, allowing them to express themselves as a creative individual. After all, a good friend will never let you down and will execute everything in the best way. Have fun with the process, forget about everything for a while.

Photos, videos, cards and gifts are the most enjoyable moment, where you can see all the most unusual and interesting things from the wedding day. But the pursuit of photos is not worth it to pose all day and fall off your feet from fatigue. A few nice and high-quality photos will be much better than a lot of bad ones.

You can pay attention to any detail, but the most important thing for young people is to understand what they expect from the wedding event. The wedding is a holiday or a show, it’s up to them to decide. The heroes of the celebration always have every chance to create a unique day that will leave pleasant memories of themselves for years to come.

Wedding anniversary photographer, list of anniversaries

After two happy years together, the couple can invite guests to a paper (glass) wedding.

Paper (glass) is a material that does not have much durability. It requires gentle, careful handling. Nevertheless, it is quite malleable and can be subjected to change.

So are marital relationships, which, on the one hand, already have a certain resilience to adversity. But, on the other hand, can be damaged by serious problems.

In some countries, the symbol of the second anniversary is called a book. A book is filled with knowledge that anyone who reads it can gain. One only needs to have the desire and patience.

There is also an inexhaustible source of wisdom hidden in family relationships. And if the spouses want, they can read the book of marital happiness to the very last page.

What to give to the spouses on the second wedding anniversary? Glass and crystal, books and photo albums, origami figures. In short, everything that can serve as a symbol of paper and glass wedding.

List of anniversaries.

The wedding day becomes the moment a new family is born. After all, everyone celebrates his or her birthday every year, so it is customary to celebrate the wedding day. Especially since after a few years, memories of the wedding day begin to fade, romance passes, and it seems that nothing so luxurious and beautiful will happen anymore. However, this is not the case, because celebrating wedding anniversaries can also be solemn, even if not every year, but sometimes the period of time that the family has lived, becomes something significant.

After how many years anniversaries are celebrated

1. One year from the time of marriage, it is possible to celebrate a chintz wedding anniversary. During this year, the young couple encountered some difficulties on their way, and if they were able to survive them, then they deserve gifts in the form of articles of chintz and linen.

2. Two years after the wedding day comes the paper anniversary. Many families after such a period of time already have children, buy an apartment, face some problems. Paper anniversary is called because this paper is easy to tear apart, and the fact that the family was able to remain united after 2 years is a reason to rejoice. On this day, the young couple give each other paper products: albums, photographs and others.

3. After three years, the family celebrates a leather anniversary. It symbolizes the fact that the relationship in the family is strong, but still elastic and flexible. Accordingly, leather gifts are given on this anniversary: belts, bags and so on.

4. The next name anniversary comes after 5 years of marriage, and is called a wooden wedding. The family is already stable, like a house made of wood, but do not forget that a fire can destroy the house, so you also need to be more tolerant to each other.

5. The pink wedding solemnly comes after 10 years. For this anniversary usually invite those who were present at the time of the marriage nearby. The main thing on the table will be red wine.

6. The crystal wedding anniversary is celebrated after 15 years and represents the clarity and transparency of the family relationship.

7. After 20 years, the family celebrates a porcelain wedding anniversary, when relatives give the spouses porcelain dishes and mementos.

8. The silver wedding comes after 25 years and is the first significant anniversary, as spouses who have been able to maintain feelings after such a time are destined for good fortune.

9. Thirty years of family life reminds us that it’s time to celebrate a pearl wedding. By that point, the family has both children and grandchildren. A loving husband is simply obligated to give his wife a gift of pearl jewelry on this day.

10. After 40 years, the ruby wedding is celebrated. It is named so in honor of the color of the stone, it is believed that after such a period of time the spouses become not only close, but also blood relatives.

11. The golden wedding anniversary is celebrated after 50 years. This is a very significant event for every family, because not everyone manages to love each other for so long.

12. the Diamond wedding, which comes after 60 years, says that the relationship in the family, like a diamond stone, is firm and indestructible.

13. And the crown wedding is such a joyous event, which it is customary to celebrate after 75 years. On this day, it is obligatory to invite all the close people to visit.

And also the spouses on the day of the anniversary each write letters to each other. These family messages can contain not only congratulations, declarations of love and words of gratitude, but also remarks, requests, claims to the other half.

The main thing is not to offend the loved one, and try to find a compromise in any controversial issues.

Ways to choose a palette for your wedding

Choosing a wedding palette can be a real headache: there are so many shades, and they are all so beautiful! Of course, you can choose all at once, but then the guests are unlikely to admire the bride’s impeccable sense of style. All in all, nothing but problems. Fortunately, there are good ways to solve this issue.

6 Ways to Make Up Your Wedding Palette

1. Look at the calendar. When choosing wedding colors, it’s worth considering the time of year. Warming orange, deep pink and refreshing lemon go well with winter chills. Given the fact that in nature at this time will be dominated by white and gray, such a design will turn out unusually bright. In spring, it is better to give preference to pastel tones.

2. Choose the main accessory. Scrolling in your head the scenes of your ideal wedding, imagine what details will be used in any case. For example, you know exactly what you’re going to order the bride’s bouquet of pink peonies. Or you plan to do a photo area with a vintage navy blue chair you saw on sale. Or you’ve already chosen a not quite traditional but very fashionable mint colored dress. You can take inspiration from photos, images in a magazine or on the Internet. When the main detail is found, around it and build the whole palette.

3. Arm yourself with the designer’s main tool. You can pick the perfect gamut, using the color wheel. And even better: find a color palette generator online. It will allow you to easily determine a successful combination, to choose a scheme from the shades of one color or with the use of several accents.

Go to the place where the celebration will take place. It is worth carefully studying the place of the wedding and banquet, feel its atmosphere and choose a color, focusing on your feelings and on the interior. For example, lime or chocolate hues do not go well with scarlet carpets, beige curtains and gilding. But if the room will be decorated in neutral gray tones, absolutely everything will go with it.

5. Think of a theme. Themed weddings have ready-made color schemes. An Asian style wedding will abound in shades of red, gold and brown. And you can’t imagine an oriental wedding without rich, bright colors.

The style of Tiffany has become very popular in recent times. For a holiday in this style, it is customary to choose blue, mint and turquoise, combining them with white or brown. At a “nautical” wedding, there will definitely be all sorts of shades of blue.

6. Base it on your favorite color. Why not? It’s your wedding, everything should be your way. All that remains is to decide on the shade and the overall mood of the event. Pastel tones create a romantic aura, while bright and saturated tones create a festive one. If you don’t have a favorite, have a rainbow-colored wedding; no one will be bored with such a design.