Photographing the Female is a global photography and video platform that promotes, produces, and shares powerful stories and perspectives from all over to help the world understand how diverse, complex, and extraordinary the female experience is .

Our mission is to be a source to everyone from individuals, organisations, institutions and brands who are looking for informed photography and video on female lives and identities. As we reflect on the state, role, and condition of the female today we also make it our mission to question, challenge, inspire, and educate.  

We research and look to different regions, cultures, industries, and social contexts around the globe for inspiring stories, image makers, partners, and collaborators who, like us, believe in building empowering communities around boundary-breaking storytelling.

Photographing the Female was founded by Danish photographer and writer Sarah Høilund with the inspiration and help of Danish fine art photographer Matilde Søes Rasmussen and visual artist Poulomi Basu and began as an exhibition in Mumbai, India in 2016. Our exhibition programme continues with an international profile showing work from all over the world. Our efforts also include photography workshops with marginalised female communities and partnerships with likeminded entities.

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We are always looking for new collaborators and supporters from all industries who share our passion and believe that by working together we increase the influence of what we do!

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