Wedding video

Two basic options for creating a video.

About them – our conversation today.

Option 1, more accessible to most newlyweds, more acceptable, familiar and actively used in our country. The videographer shoots a wedding, adds some visual effects, superimposes music, captions, animation, and you get a ready-made wedding movie.

Pros: everything happens naturally, and the film is a memorable piece of your beautiful wedding day.

Cons: sometimes there are curiosities that may not be added to the film, but then it will not reflect all the moments of your wedding.

Option 2, which in our country is used very rarely, but abroad is sometimes welcome. The cameraman shoots staged video before the wedding, and the day of the wedding newlyweds are ready to hand out photos and video clips to their relatives and guests.

Pros: the video will turn out without unpleasant “surprises.

Cons: Not quite familiar and natural shooting, not suitable for those newlyweds who want to capture the wedding day in all its details.

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