Wedding in April

Spring is the most beautiful, romantic, fabulous time of the year. All living things wake up, rejoice in the sun, a warm breeze. The time of renewal, beginnings. Perhaps that is why there are so many weddings in the spring.

Each month of spring is beautiful in its own way: the first glimmers of sunshine in March, tender and warm sunsets in April and blossoming gardens in May. The richness and variety of springtime will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially romantic newlyweds. Choosing a spring month for a wedding, we want to dwell in more detail on the middle of a beautiful time – the month of April.

The advantages of a wedding in April.

1. one of the first advantages of a wedding this month is a long and careful planning. According to all the beliefs, the time for weddings begins with the Red Hill. This is the first Sunday after Lent and Easter, when the church resumes the wedding of the young couple. The future couple has a lot of time to plan everything in detail. Everyone who married on Red Mountain was promised a happy and prosperous life in the marriage. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that there are many people wishing to get married during this period, so it is necessary to apply in advance to the registry office and arrange for the wedding in the church.

2. An invariable plus is the wonderful nature of the spring season. Snow and snowstorms, rain and slush are behind us. April is usually a warm and dry month. Nature presents its unique scenery – the trees are in bloom, the bottomless sky surprises with its depth, the sun-drenched streets and the romance of sunset hours – the dream of any couple. But don’t forget that April is a fickle month and you should keep your umbrellas ready just in case! And at the same time April rain will not darken your wedding, but on the contrary, will add zest to it: video-shooting in the rain will not only add variety, but also give joyful emotions and good mood.

3. Quite a long daylight hours will give the newlyweds time to realize all their ideas. The finale of the wedding day can be a unique sunset photo shoot, which will remain in memory for many years.

4. Another positive feature a wedding in April has is the opportunity to save money:

– At the beginning of the wedding season, prices for all wedding services are not yet as high as they are in the height of the season.

– Nature gives its delightful scenery, so there will be no need to rent a studio for photography and videography.

– The wedding trip will cost much cheaper, in the off-season there are promotions and discounts.

5. Spring is a great idea for a themed wedding. It can be a Red Mountain theme with folk rituals, a wedding in the style of a blooming garden or Japanese sakura, a wedding in soft pink colors, or, on the contrary, bright green (everything is allowed for spring!). If the wedding is scheduled for April 1 with colorful candy and cotton candy, with photo booths in the form of mustaches and sponges and fun contests – a great mood will be guaranteed! A wedding in Provence style with its purple tones and lavender flowers, and bright sunny themes, and floral celebration (with tulips, crocuses, lily of the valley…) will also be successful. In any case, it is important that the theme was traced in everything to the smallest details. Then an April wedding will be simply unforgettable.

A wedding at any time of year is a celebration pleasant and memorable for the newlyweds and guests. But a spring wedding is always remembered with special fondness, because love, like spring, is blooming, uplifting and sublime.

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