Ways to choose a palette for your wedding

Choosing a wedding palette can be a real headache: there are so many shades, and they are all so beautiful! Of course, you can choose all at once, but then the guests are unlikely to admire the bride’s impeccable sense of style. All in all, nothing but problems. Fortunately, there are good ways to solve this issue.

6 Ways to Make Up Your Wedding Palette

1. Look at the calendar. When choosing wedding colors, it’s worth considering the time of year. Warming orange, deep pink and refreshing lemon go well with winter chills. Given the fact that in nature at this time will be dominated by white and gray, such a design will turn out unusually bright. In spring, it is better to give preference to pastel tones.

2. Choose the main accessory. Scrolling in your head the scenes of your ideal wedding, imagine what details will be used in any case. For example, you know exactly what you’re going to order the bride’s bouquet of pink peonies. Or you plan to do a photo area with a vintage navy blue chair you saw on sale. Or you’ve already chosen a not quite traditional but very fashionable mint colored dress. You can take inspiration from photos, images in a magazine or on the Internet. When the main detail is found, around it and build the whole palette.

3. Arm yourself with the designer’s main tool. You can pick the perfect gamut, using the color wheel. And even better: find a color palette generator online. It will allow you to easily determine a successful combination, to choose a scheme from the shades of one color or with the use of several accents.

Go to the place where the celebration will take place. It is worth carefully studying the place of the wedding and banquet, feel its atmosphere and choose a color, focusing on your feelings and on the interior. For example, lime or chocolate hues do not go well with scarlet carpets, beige curtains and gilding. But if the room will be decorated in neutral gray tones, absolutely everything will go with it.

5. Think of a theme. Themed weddings have ready-made color schemes. An Asian style wedding will abound in shades of red, gold and brown. And you can’t imagine an oriental wedding without rich, bright colors.

The style of Tiffany has become very popular in recent times. For a holiday in this style, it is customary to choose blue, mint and turquoise, combining them with white or brown. At a “nautical” wedding, there will definitely be all sorts of shades of blue.

6. Base it on your favorite color. Why not? It’s your wedding, everything should be your way. All that remains is to decide on the shade and the overall mood of the event. Pastel tones create a romantic aura, while bright and saturated tones create a festive one. If you don’t have a favorite, have a rainbow-colored wedding; no one will be bored with such a design.

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