When does body become art, when does it transcend provocation and the erotic?


John Yuyi is a young Taiwanese artists who turned her anonymous social media temporary tattoo business into a photographic practice that has given her not only Instagram stardom but landed her a collaboration with fashion powerhouse of the moment Gucci along with widespread media attention.

In remarkably short time Yuyi has gathered over 100.000 followers on Instagram bearing witness to the universal appeal of her unusual aesthetic. The female form takes centre stage outlining classical postures from art and portraiture but the subverting element arrives in the re-appropriation of temporary tattoos of social media and modern culture symbols.

There’s a playfulness to Yuyi’s universe but when she expresses her experiences with finding her identity, with anxiety, and transitioning from one culture to another, Yuyi currently resides in New York, it adds another layer of depth to her photographic experiments. There’s a sense of letting go, a catharsis of free expression that comes in the shape of a nude female body covered in social media symbols. The symbols act as a distraction, almost a cover, of the fact that some of her images are taken as nudes and compels the viewer to ask: When does body become art, when does it transcend provocation and the erotic?

All images are courtesy of John Yuyi

John’s work was kindly suggested by Vogue Italia editor Chiara Bardelli

To learn more about John’s work please visit:

Website: http://www.johnyuyi.com

Intagram: @johnyuyi

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