…Kinderwunsch, children and desire. The desire to have children. The intensity of affection, passion, depression. Desire as an inward and outward journey. A vital process”


Words by Susan Bright (officially accompanies Kinderwunsch)

Memory, remembrance, the present, the past, the future are all analogous with photography and play an especially vital role in the work of Ana Casas Broda. In turn, Ana has a sagacious knowledge of the power of the medium, using it both as a tool for unlocking memories and one for establishing them for the future. She also understands that time, intertwined with memory, is where the true power of the medium lies. The ebb and flow between the two, and the precarious instant of the present, are all crucial to understanding the subtitles and nuances of Kinderwunsch.

Image courtesy of Ana Casas Broda

This project is a delicate balancing act between different times, one no less or more important than the other. In an attempt to balance between them, Ana creates work to make the journey as vital as it needs to be. It needs to drag her into the present. She photographs to make her memories and the present real. Photography here is a cathartic tool, easing her voyage into motherhood and calming her childhood. They are part of the photographic puzzle that has helped Ana come to terms with her her memories and her desire – desire as a child and as a woman.

Kinderwunsch can only coexist with words and photographs together. They rely on one another, words filling in the blanks when there are no photographs, and photographs expanding upon the words.

Kinderwunsch may be specific to Ana and her life, but it also transcends the personal and becomes universal. Like the very best photography, this project not only allows her to consider who she is and why, but it also gives us space to reflect and weave in our own experiences, memories, fantasies and narratives.

All images are courtesy of Ana Casas Broda

Ana’s work was kindly suggested by guest curator Veronica Sanchis Bencomo, founder of Foto Feminas @Fotofeminas

To learn more about Ana Casas Broda’s work please visit:

Website: http://www.anacasasbroda.com/

Instagram: @anacasasbroda



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